Siwei Zou and Stephen Smyth Establish Heavenly Sound to Further Develop Future Immersive Audio Technology

Siwei Zou and Stephen Smyth have combined forces to form Heavenly Sound to develop advanced future immersive technology into new products and services.

According to Siwei Zou, “As a composer, I have fastidious standards for music composition, and I’m a perfectionist regarding sound quality. Through hard work and attention to detail, I strive to deliver music created by great artists to the listeners all over the world. To achieve this, I founded sE Electronics, I co-develop professional audio equipment with Rupert Neve, and I lead a team to engage the development and application of immersive audio technology. Through the entire process of creating music – from capturing the sound with microphones, to the pre-amplifier, to the mixing console and the reproduction system - I devote my entire energy to achieve my life target - to realise perfect sound. I’m very happy to cooperate with Stephen, to create unique audio technology, products and services.”

Heavenly Sound CTO, Stephen Smyth, explains, “My career started with audio coding, and this formed my life career path. Siwei and I both pursue the most realistic and accurate sound quality. We have the same goals and values. I’m very lucky to work with him. Immersive audio is being adopted by all sorts of media and we will make tools to enhance the realism of the listening experience. We are very confident about what we are working on and the products we are going to make.”

Siwei Zou is a professor, composer, founder of sE Electronics, inventor of the Reflexion Filter©, the board of directors of Rupert Neve Designs and San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and an expert on Wave Field Synthesis (WFS). The team he leads has been applying WFS technology to globally influential projects and has made great contributions to its development.

Stephen Smyth, Ph.D. is the inventor of the Smyth SVS technology and the Smyth Research A16 processor. In 1988, he founded Audio Processing Technology Ltd to market the apt-X100 coding algorithm that he developed during his post graduate research. He was the principal inventor of the Coherent Acoustics algorithm. In 1995 he joined DTS as Technical Director and successfully promoted the algorithm to the DVD standards consortium.

Heavenly Sound Multimedia (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has its headquarters in Shanghai, China. And develops immersive audio technology for content creators and licenses technology for use in both professional and consumer audio electronics.